Tell Me About Yourself

May 5, 2016

The ‘About’ page and sharing personal information on your site

When it comes to DIY websites, many people stumble over the inclusion of personalised information. Some will even forgo it entirely — after all, I only need my name and contact information, right?


Your website acts as a salesperson for your business, and should be able to give potential customers an immediate sense about who you are and what you do. That means including information specific to you and your company, either on the homepage, throughout the site in general, or on a dedicated ‘About’ page.

Why do people go to an ‘About’ page?

A website’s ‘About’ page typically receives the greatest amount of traffic from users, so it is important to get it right. Your potential customers could click on your ‘About’ page for a number of reasons, including:

  • They want to know more about your specific services or products.
  • They want to check that your business serves their location.
  • They want to know how much experience you have in the trade.
  • They want to get a sense about the people running the business.

In other words, the inclusion of personal information on your business website is all about connecting with your client. Satisfying the user’s need for information is an important step towards driving engagement, increasing conversions, and eliciting action from customers.

What information should I include?

So what sort of personalised information are your clients looking for? While this will vary for different businesses and locations, some good points to consider are:

  • Experience — How many years have you been working in your trade? How long have you been running your business? Do you have any relevant past job experiences to mention? Were you involved with any notable community projects? Your website is a great place to express your wealth of experience, knowledge, and expertise, and thus portray your business as a trusted brand.
  • Training — Have you completed any trade-related training, education, or courses? Do you dedicate yourself to ongoing training to improve your skills? Customers will appreciate knowing that you are highly qualified in your business.
  • Unique services or capabilities — Are you trained to use specific equipment? Can you perform any tasks that your competitors cannot? Do you work extended hours, on weekends, or on public holidays? Think about your point of difference, and emphasise your individual assets to set yourself apart from the competition in your local area.
  • Team — Do you have a large and multi-skilled workforce? Are you a smaller, close-knit team of locals? Is it a family-run business? Provide an understanding about who you are and where you come from. This will help to forge a connection between your business and your customers, and promote actionable results.

Another key thing to include with your personal information is a CTA (call-to-action) button. This is about predicting the outcome of the user’s visit; after finding out more about your business, they will ideally wish to get in contact with you to hire you, request a quote, or find out more. Supplying a CTA button enables potential customers to immediately and easily take that next step towards connecting with you.

We make it easy

When you work with Connected Tradies, we will have a chat with you to get to know more about your business. We will ask questions like the ones above; then we can instill your custom website with all of your important, relevant, and unique information.

The end result is an online presence tailored to your business, which connects with users and supplies the information they want and need to know when searching for your trade.

Whether you’d prefer a dedicated ‘About’ landing page, or simply want engaging and personalised content throughout the website, Connected Tradies have got you covered. Get the right tool for the job and tell the world more about your business!