Tech Techniques for Tradies

February 18, 2016

Five challenges and solutions involved with online marketing

Wondering why your business’s online marketing efforts aren’t bringing you the work you’d hoped for? We often hear from tradies who say that the world of websites and digital campaigns is difficult to navigate — and they’re not wrong.

Online marketing is tricky business, and comes with numerous challenges. Thankfully, the team at Connected Tradies has the solutions to overcome any obstacle. Here are just a few to be considered:

Challenge 1: Creating and maintaining social media accounts

Social media is a relatively new but extremely powerful way of connecting with potential customers. But unless you have the time or team to manage it, social media as an online marketing technique can be difficult to use effectively.

For one thing, there are many different social media outlets that allow you to share different content to different people. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest — it’s critical to choose the right platform for your business. This may mean distributing occasional content across two or three; or you may instead wish to focus your efforts on just one.

Regardless, the work involved with designing, scheduling and writing posts, plus maintaining an active presence to interact with supporters, can be immense.

Solution: Connected Tradies can put you in contact with a skilled team who can create your social media accounts, narrow down your target markets, produce eye-catching content, and use social media as an effective marketing campaign for your business. Easy!

Challenge 2: Getting value from SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategies help to keep your website on the first page of search engine results. Without SEO, your site is less likely to show up and less likely to be found by new clients.

Solution: Successful SEO requires a great deal of strategic planning, a deep understanding of your business’s goals and customers, and the ability to make your content visible online.

When you work with Connected Tradies, you are guaranteed an online identity that can be easily found online. That’s because our talented team undergo an extensive process of technical SEO to drive traffic to your new website. Our techniques have been tried and tested to produce the best results for your business’s online marketing.

Challenge 3: Optimising user experience across multiple devices

We are more connected now than ever before. There are computers in our homes, offices and schools; there are smartphones in our pockets and tablets in our bags. With so many devices at our disposal, offering customers an optimal online experience is vital for any business.

Having a responsive website is always essential, but consideration must be paid to the aesthetics, visibility, and adaptability of the site across multiple devices. Can the information be found easily on a laptop? Will the page load quickly for mobile users?

Solution: Many people will wait no more than 10 seconds for a page to load. Thankfully, a Connected Tradies website is built with user experience in mind, making use of concise URL structure, effective meta descriptions, eye-catching visuals, webmaster tools and much more, to ensure your potential customers’ needs and expectations are met.

Challenge 4: Standing out from your competitors

With so many businesses building upon their online presence with websites, social media accounts, and other digital marketing efforts, it can be increasingly difficult to be found online. So how do you stay ahead of competitors offering the same services in your region?

Solution: Connected Tradies can provide you with a website that is professionally and beautifully designed, in order to stand out from the crowd. But we do much more than that. Our complete services are dedicated to getting you found online, which means you benefit from our award-winning SEO tactics that bring you up on Google, our real-time analysis to make sure everything is working at its best, online advertising with Google AdWords, a Google My Business page, and anything else you need to be found online.

And the best part is: we only help one business per trade per location. That means your competitors cannot take advantage of our services — when you engage with Connected Tradies, you are our sole focus.

Challenge 5: Managing the website into the future

Surveys have shown that approximately one-third of businesses consider managing their website to be a challenge — and that’s not mentioning the companies that don’t even have a working site.

Effective websites must do many things. They need to inform, they need to enlighten, and, importantly, they need to evolve. A static, unworked website will struggle to remain relevant and will drop lower and lower on a search engine results page. Maintaining a dynamic site can mean updating your services, writing a blog post, linking with social media accounts, and so on. But not everybody has the time or patience to do the required ongoing work needed for a successful website.

Solution: In our years working with clients of all sizes and trades, we have gained the experience to guarantee your online presence is expertly handled. The Connected Tradies team is made up of software developers, graphic designers, content writers, and digital experts who will manage your website into the future and ensure that your business continues to succeed.

Are your customers struggling to find you online? Don’t delay! Connected Tradies knows the challenges involved with online marketing, and we have the skills and experience to overcome them. Contact us today to get started.