Stop trading your health away

August 29, 2015
trading your health away

Tradies National Health Month is nearly over, but that doesn’t mean the wellbeing of our tradies should be forgotten.

Throughout August each year, the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) offers health and safety tips to help tradies look after themselves, both physically and mentally.

The team at Connected Tradies might not know much about the full-body labour of our local tradies, but we know a little something about stress — and we might be able to help with that.

Your work is physically demanding; if you add on top of that the mental requirements involved with tech and marketing — advertising your business, promoting your services, maintaining a website, and more — you could be heading towards a ute-load of stress.

So let us handle the tech while you focus on the trade!

Connected Tradies specifically caters for tradies who want that all-important online presence, but don’t have the time, money or capacity to do it themselves. They don’t need to; with just one quick conversation, we can hammer out the details to develop a digital identity for your business. And we don’t stop there! We will continue to monitor and update your website and ensure that when it comes to bringing you more customers, it works as hard as you do.

And with us handling the ins and outs of digital marketing, you can keep your attention where it’s really needed: on the worksite.