Social Sparkies

November 28, 2016

Why social advertising is important for electricians and local tradies

Are you an electrician looking to get more work? The secret spark may be online. Do you have a website? What about some social media pages — Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, perhaps?

Surveys show that 85 percent of people use online search when they need to find a local business. Thankfully, Connected Tradies makes social advertising easy. We have the skills and techniques to help you engage with customers, promote your business, and earn more jobs.

Read on to find out more about watt we can do for you:

Using Google for greatness

When you enlist Connected Tradies for your online marketing, you automatically benefit from a Google MyBusiness page. This is a great way to promote local trust; through Google Search and Google Maps, you can provide updated information about your business hours, contact details, and directions.

You can also establish an important connection with your customers by providing photos (promote recent jobs, show your team at work, and so on) and responding to client reviews (it can be shocking how positively a ‘Thank you’ can reflect on your business).

Additionally, you can opt to include Google advertising in your Connected Tradies plan. That means we would use Google AdWords campaigns to target specific customers searching locally for what you do. This is a great way to get your website seen by the people who matter most.

Learn more about how we can use Google to improve your marketing.

Consistency and currency

With Connected Tradies, you can refine or completely overhaul your brand. We pay attention to the finest details, which means that every element of your brand identity — logo, font, colours, imagery, tagline and more — will remain consistent and recognisable.

Potential customers could look at your Facebook page, your website, or the side of your work van, and immediately identify them as belonging to you. And because you are memorable, you can stand out from competitors, build loyalty through resonance, and ingrain yourself in your local community.

Making connections

Social marketing strategies can help you engage with customers and keep them coming back. For small businesses and local tradies, networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and so on can be particularly effective.

With social media, you can create a community, receive feedback, and start a conversation with your customers. That’s because, unlike many other forms of advertising, social media marketing is give-and-take. You can share something; customers can react; you can respond; and it continues.

Plus, Connected Tradies can help you use social media ads to target specific locations and audiences. Try promoting new products or services, showing photographs from recent job, introduce your team, offer discounts, and more. (Not sure if you have the time to commit to being an active presence on social media? Ask us how we can help.)

Investigate and improve

Unlike print and traditional marketing, social advertising allows us to obtain timely, accurate stats about the effectiveness of your ads, and take action to improve future campaigns. That means we don’t waste time and money chasing the wrong ideas.

Digital platforms like Google AdWords and Facebook offer important data about your strategies, helping you to find what is working effectively, and what is not. That means we can monitor all advertising efforts, make any necessary changes, and obtain even greater results in the future.


Worried that you don’t have time for social advertising? Lighten up — we’re here to help! Connected Tradies would be ex-static to help you create a cohesive and compelling social strategy. Improve your advertising, get a better website, and be found online today!