Revving the Online Engines

January 8, 2016

The Importance of Website Testing.

When you get a new tool for the trade, you try it out. The team at Connected Tradies is no different — when we make you a website, we test it just the same to make sure you’re getting the right tool for the job.

What do we test?

You might be wondering what we do to your website to ensure it’s road-worthy. The answer is: many things.

There are a lot of different ways that your potential customers could be finding you online, and so we consider all the variables:

  • Do your online visitors have a Mac or PC?
  • What browser are they using? Firefox? Chrome? Internet Explorer? Safari?
  • What version of that browser do they have?
  • Are they on a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone?
  • What is their default font size?
  • What is their screen resolution?
  • Do they have javascript enabled?

The list goes on! When people visit your website, they could be subject to any combination of these factors, and this could affect their online experience.

That’s why, as part of our Connected Tradies service, we build, monitor, review and test your new website to ensure it works hard for your business, and performs the same for every person who views it, regardless of their device or software.

How do we test it?

We do a thorough examination of all our sites before they go live. This involves website performance optimisation (WPO), which, like search engine optimisation, helps to drive traffic to your website, but also provides excellent user experiences and increases ROI.

One of the key things we keep in mind throughout this process is you and your customers.

We have years of experience that allows us to get inside the head of website users and determine what they want, where they’ll look for it, and how we can make things easier for them. So we dedicate ourselves to creating websites that support solid online experiences. Connected Tradies will, amongst other things:

  • ensure overall user satisfaction with the site.
  • test the site’s readiness for an increasing number of users.
  • test the site’s responsiveness across multiple devices.
  • test the site’s functionality and accessibility for a smooth experience.
  • identify browser bugs that may affect webpage layout, font size or alignment, spacing, and so on.
  • monitor the site for error avoidance and ongoing efficiency.
  • perform search engine marketing (SEM).

Our test procedures are thorough to ensure the site works well and looks great, consistently and for every person who views it.

Why do we test it?

It’s simple — poor online performance can cause potential customers to leave and look elsewhere. But when you engage with Connected Tradies, we ensure that your business’s new website not only allows people to find you online, but also provides an optimal user experience.

Let the team at Connected Tradies take care of the nitty gritty of website design. We’ll get you found online, so you can get back to doing what you do best: your job.