No-Go on the Logo? Think Again.

November 11, 2015

Why every business should have a logo.

A logo is a symbol, an identifier, and arguably the most memorable feature of any company. After all, just think about some of the most well-known businesses around. Ask somebody to draw a famous logo, and most people will be able to imitate or at least mentally picture McDonald’s golden arches, Nike’s swoosh, and Apple’s bitten fruit.

At first glance, these logos are deceptively simple… but that is the secret to great logo design. People come to recognise distinctive logos as strongly as they understand the business’s name. Sometimes they will possess hidden elements; sometimes they will simply look nice. Ultimately, instant impact is the goal, making good logo design an important step in brand recognition and marketing.

So what makes a good logo?

Know the business

The first step in logo design is to build a solid foundation of knowledge about the business. What services does it provide? What does it value? What is its reputation? Who is its target audience? What sort of symbol is most likely to get their attention and stay in their minds?

Try different ideas

Rarely will a designer strike gold on their very first attempt. But knowing the answers to the above questions will feed into the design process with regard to the overall ‘feel’ of the logo, from whimsical minimalism to rigid professionalism, and everything in between.

Be unique

Your logo will serve as a metaphoric marker for the face of your business. Make sure it stands out, particularly from other trades and competitors in your area. After all, you want your logo to be original. And if you think that this sounds like a lot of hard work and commitment going into one lil’ logo — you’re right. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

Does your business have a logo?

If so, great! We’ll transport it over to your brand new website and continue to utilise it as a key component of your online marketing. If not, don’t worry — we can help!

At Connected Tradies, we provide you with many different design services at affordable prices, including logo designs, business card designs, general graphic designs for vehicle signage and advertising, and promotional designs for hats, shirts, pens and more.

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