Building Businesses with Buttons

January 20, 2016

How to promote action from your website visitors

When people find you online, they can learn more about you, find out if your services are right for them, and — most importantly — be compelled to take action and become one of your new customers.

But what can we do to compel them? We can employ call-to-action buttons.

Call-to-action (CTA) in digital marketing refers to website elements that trigger a response from the site visitor. The most popular forms of call-to-action are buttons or links that, when clicked, perform an action or lead the user to more information. A ‘Contact Us’ form is a great example — a clear, easy-to-find button that allows people who have found you online to engage with your business and services.

So how do we improve your call-to-action results, promote action from your website visitors, and convert those visitors into leads for your business?

Bigger Buttons: draw attention with size

When it comes to web design, size does matter. The relative size of a web page element in comparison to its surroundings can indicate importance, and work to draw the user’s eye.

Also, on a web page that has multiple CTA buttons, size can help to guide the user to more prominent actions. For instance, a link inviting visitors to ‘Read More’ about the company’s history may be smaller than the ‘Contact Us’ button, encouraging more people to engage with the business than to simply learn more about their backstory.

Brief Buttons: draw attention with power text

While the button should be bold and eye-catching, the words within it should be short, distinct, and compelling. Power text is always a good method — words that make the viewer feel something and convert them from ‘reading’ to ‘ready to act’.

Certain power phrases that have proven success include ‘try’, ‘free’, ‘no strings attached’, ‘guaranteed’, ‘results’, ‘cancel anytime’, and many others. These are words that make visitors feel secure and influence the decision-making process.

Blatant Buttons: draw attention with white space

Another way to make CTA buttons stand out is to ensure there are no distractions for the viewer. Studies have shown that less than 50% of websites have a clear CTA button that takes less than 3 seconds to see. But the immediate noticeability of your call-to-action elements is very important for your online marketing, and can be done in several ways:

  • Use white space — sufficient amount of white space (or dead space, meaning areas filled with nothing at all) is an effective way to make a button stand out, as it means the eyes are not distracted. However, too much white space can make the action seem detached from other elements, so it is ideal to find the right balancing act.
  • Use contrasting colours — you want your CTA buttons to look clickable, and highly contrasting colours are a clean and clear way of doing this. A brightly coloured button against a greyscale background is quite effective, and sometimes testing colours can produce different results. Studies show green and orange buttons are often most noticed, but this varies for different businesses and websites.
  • Use ideal placement — this is an important element; read on for more.

Beguiling Buttons: draw attention with placement

The placement of CTA buttons is critical to gaining the attention of visitors. Prominent placement draws the eye and encourages results. An eye-tracking study by Nielsen Norman Group found that most people read in an F-shape. This means they are more likely to read horizontally at the top of the screen, move down and read in another horizontal line, and then scan in a vertical movement down the page.

This means that in order to encourage action from your CTA buttons, they should be positioned where they are most likely to be seen. The only viable way to find the most effective placement is to test and modify it.

And this should be true across all devices, ensuring an optimised experience for all users, regardless of how they access your website. Thankfully, the Connected Tradies team monitors your website to confirm that its elements are compelling and easy to navigate.

Beneficial Buttons: draw attention by highlighting user advantages

CTA buttons encourage visitors to take certain actions. An influential factor is whether or not the ensuing act is easy and beneficial for them.

Make sure your potential customers know that your call-to-actions — contacting you, getting a quote, and so on — are not difficult, costly, or time-consuming. Think of the questions your visitors might have, and make sure your website answers them. Users who know what to expect from your business are more likely to take action.

Call-to-action is the point of contact between your potential customers and your services. It is very important that your CTA buttons are doing the right things, setting the right mood, and drawing attention from your website visitors, in order to turn online users into new clients for your business.

All of this might sound complicated, but you needn’t worry! When you use Connected Tradies for your digital marketing, you are guaranteed an expert team who monitor, tweak and improve the effectiveness of your online presence, ensuring your website works hard for you.