Tips & Tricks

Mastering Mobilegeddon

29 April 2016

Mobile responsiveness, web design, and your business Back in 2014, Google unleashed ‘Mobilegeddon’, announcing that any website that lacked mobile-friendly pages would receive lower site rankings in mobile search results. Since then, users have been able to more easily find... Read more

Selling Yourself Online

20 April 2016

Four steps to an effective digital marketing strategy for your Tradie Business As digital marketing continues to expand, it is becoming increasingly important for business owners to know how to implement their strategies in a digital landscape. Digital marketing is... Read more

Super Spud Skins

14 April 2016

These terrific ‘taters are always a tasty treat. Load them up with your favourite toppings, and enjoy an a-peeling feast! You’ll need: 8 potatoes 2 Tbsp butter, melted Sea salt, pepper, and other desired seasonings 2 cups grated cheese 2... Read more

Keyword to the wise

06 April 2016

How keyword research can help get you found online At this very moment, someone in your area could be searching online for what you do. But will they find you? Even if you have a functional website, the answer may... Read more

April Tools

01 April 2016

10 tricks for trade apprentices on April Fool’s Day Who doesn’t love a bit of good-natured ribbing on April Fool’s Day? We’ve got ten fun (and mostly-harmless) pranks for you to choose from that you can use against the apprentices... Read more

The Pen Is Mightier Than The Screwdriver

24 February 2016

10 tips for writing relevant blog content Updating your website frequently is a great way to portray your business as a viable and active online identity, and to keep it on Google’s radar. One of the most successful ways to... Read more

Tech Techniques for Tradies

18 February 2016

Five challenges and solutions involved with online marketing Wondering why your business’s online marketing efforts aren’t bringing you the work you’d hoped for? We often hear from tradies who say that the world of websites and digital campaigns is difficult... Read more

Meta Matters

08 February 2016

Creating the right meta description for your business Being successfully found online is no easy feat. It not only means having a great-looking website, but also requires a great deal of work behind the scenes. Just one of these many... Read more

When Size Does Matter

02 February 2016

Long-tail keywords and how they help your business Search Google for ‘plumber’, and you’ll be given 75 million results. However, search for ‘plumber gas fitting’ and the name of your town, and that number can drop as low as 25,000.... Read more

Searching for Success

29 January 2016

Everything you need to know about Google search advertising When you partner with Connected Tradies, you benefit from an expert team conducting online search advertising for your business using Google AdWords. But what exactly does that mean? What it is:... Read more