Benefits for Builders

November 3, 2016

Why digital advertising is effective for local builders and other tradies

Digital marketing techniques are the modern builder’s bricks and mortar. The goals of marketing (engage customers, communicate ideas, and promote your business) remain the same. But people are now seeking these experiences in the digital landscape. In fact, approximately 85 percent of people use online search when they need to find a local business.

There are many different ways to incorporate digital advertising into your overall marketing plan, and there are numerous benefits to each. If you’re a local builder looking to evolve your marketing, consider digital advertising — and enjoy advantages like these:

Get noticed

Whether you live in a small rural town or a large city centre, digital advertising is a great way to stand out from competitors and get noticed by potential customers. How? By building a consistent and recognisable brand.

Look at your business from a customers’ perspective, and ask yourself: can you immediately identify your ads based on your brand? Elements like your logo, typeface, colours, imagery, and slogan contribute to the creation of familiar-looking ads, which are recognisable as belonging to your company.

Via digital advertising, your business can show up on websites, on social media, in emails, and on search engines — and always with the same brand. That means you can get noticed, create a memorable image, and build loyalty through resonance.

Connect with customers

Digital marketing strategies can help you engage with customers and keep them coming back. For small businesses and local tradies, this is especially important. One tried-and-true option is social media marketing — using networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube and so on to build a community, receive feedback, and start a conversation with your customers.

Social media is a great give-and-take form of advertising. You can promote new products or services, show images from recent jobs you’ve completed, introduce your team, offer discounts, and more. Customers can engage with your content, and you can provide timely and visible responses.

Social media marketing is one of the most cost-effective advertising options; all you need is time enough to remain an active presence. With some guidance, you can even use social media ads to target specific locations, demographics and interests.

Promote local trust

As a local builder, you are already a member of your community. With digital advertising, you can emphasise these values and promote local trust. One option to do this is with Google MyBusiness, an automatic inclusion with a Connected Tradies plan.

Google MyBusiness allows you to target your audience and promote your business hours, contact details, and directions on Google Search and Google Maps. And because you are in control of this information, you can ensure your customers access correct, up-to-date details.

This form of digital marketing will also allow you to add pictures, provide a virtual tour of your business, and respond to customer reviews. These are all tools in an effective marketing toolbox. You can heighten your online visibility and keep your business on the forefront of your customers’ thoughts.

Provide memorable experiences

Many people these days will search for — and expect to find — a business’s website. Do you have one? And more importantly, do you have a well-designed, easy-to-find, responsive business website?

Having a responsive website means having content that is optimised for desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. In other words, your customers should always be able to find information about your business, no matter where they are or what device they are using.

The goal is to create memorable user experiences. This can be done not only with an optimised site, but also with active social media accounts, interesting emails, great-looking digital ads, and other forms of digital marketing. By providing positive experiences, you build the foundation for ongoing business–customer interactions, and encourage future interactions.

Measure the results

Finally, we come to one of the greatest benefits of a digital advertising strategy: you can obtain timely, accurate stats about the effectiveness of your ads, and take action to improve future campaigns.

Online platforms like Google AdWords and Facebook offer extensive data about your marketing strategies, helping you to identify what is working and what is not. This allows you to make faster decisions about your advertising efforts, make any necessary changes, and obtain even greater results in the future.

No time for digital advertising? We’ve got the tools to help.

As a local business owner, you might be feeling overwhelmed by your choices for online advertising. Get in touch with Connected Tradies! We’ll hammer out the details and work with you to create a cohesive, multi-channel digital marketing plan. Improve your advertising and get found online today!