April Tools

April 1, 2016

10 tricks for trade apprentices on April Fool’s Day

Who doesn’t love a bit of good-natured ribbing on April Fool’s Day? We’ve got ten fun (and mostly-harmless) pranks for you to choose from that you can use against the apprentices and the gullible alike.

Use at your own discretion. Connected Tradies takes no responsibility for any anger, frustration, or unadulterated swearing that may result from a successfully-implemented joke.

  1. Send someone to Bunnings for a long weight (and see how ‘long’ of a ‘wait’ it is before they return).
  2. Leave a note on your coworker’s windshield, apologising for the (non-existent) damage and the fact that you don’t have insurance. Bonus points if you leave a phone number and continue the ruse when they call.
  3. Give someone a spirit level and tell them it needs a replacement bubble.
  4. See how many cable ties you can fit around your trainee’s wallet.
  5. Use epoxy resin to fix a coin to the ground and watch passerbys try to pick it up in their stride.
  6. Fake spiders are childish, but effective. Place a plastic one in someone’s toolbox, or slightly unroll the toilet paper in the portaloo, draw a spider on it, then roll it back up and wait for the scream.
  7. Send someone on an urgent mission for a left-handed screwdriver.
  8. Gather some pens that no longer work. Give one pen and a notebook to your apprentice, tell them you need some things done urgently, and rattle off a list of duties. If they interrupt to tell you the pen isn’t working, impatiently give them another and continue. Bonus points if you leave before they locate a working pen.
  9. Get your plumber apprentice to ring around for three-quarter inch fallopian tubing.
  10. Place a ‘For Sale’ sign on your worker’s car with their phone number and an obscenely low price. See how many phone calls they receive before they cotton on. Or, if you don’t want their day’s work to be disrupted, place a sign on the back of their car before they leave, encouraging other drivers and passerbys to wave and call their name.

Some final advice: know who you’re pranking, don’t go too far, and don’t be mean about it!

Have fun and stay safe this April Fool’s Day.

(And to the April Fools in question — we are so sorry.)