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Why Connected Tradies?

Connected Tradies is your online toolbox - we'll manage the tools to help get you found online!

Over the past 10 years I have seen it all: businesses who create their own websites, or who use a backyarder, or who delegate the task to a long-suffering friend or family member. Eventually, the website is ready, but you wouldn't know it for looking. A Google search doesn't bring it up; no one can find it online; all the basic fundamentals have gone wrong. So hard-working tradies abandon the idea entirely, and let their businesses bear the brunt of a non-existent online marketing plan.

Frustrated with seeing this, I wanted to find a way to help. Connected Tradies is not just another website company. We do things differently. For us, a website is only one of the tools in our toolbox.

The existence of Connected Tradies' can be traced to my brothers - all three of them. The plumber, the builder, and the tyre fitter. And then there is me: the techie. I know firsthand how daunting it can be when tradies and techies collide. To put it simply, I don't want to do what they do; they don't want to do what I do. Which means that asking them to handle their own online marketing is about as effective as asking me to pick the socket wrench from the ratchet.

The solution was to keep skilled hands where they belong - let techies handle the tech so tradies can focus on their trade.

I wanted to create a service to help tradies that was affordable, easy, time-efficient, would increase enquiries and, most importantly, would work for their business. Tradesman I am not, but tech and marketing I can handle. So I created a solution for trade businesses that handles their online content, their digital marketing, and all that complicated Googly stuff needed to be found online.

Connected Tradies is a service that allows tradies to continue doing what they do best, and allows us to do what we do best. So, together with our team of web developers, designers, digital experts and other talented professionals, the foundations of Connected Tradies were established.

Our aim is to help bring you work and grow your business. Because when it comes to tech, we're the sharpest tools in the shed.

Andrew McCann

If it doesn't work for you, it doesn't work for us!

We are a team of professionals with experience in marketing, design, web and digital, who can create online solutions to help grow your business.

We work with an established and reputable Google-certified marketing agency, giving us access to the know-how to deliver consistent and constructive online results.

Our aim is to get you found online and bring new customers to your business. We'll handle the technical ins and outs, so you can focus on what you do best - your job.

Our business goals are simple

In order for us to grow, we need our customers to grow. We are dedicated to providing our clients with online solutions, fully managed by us, that work now and into the future. We know what we do and we do it well, so we can offer you results and measurable returns for your business.

Our aim is to bring you more work so your business grows and reaches its full potential.

Let us help you grow your business!

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